Remember, Remember is on Steam Greenlight NOW!

Remember, Remember is now ON STEAM GREENLIGHT! If you love horror stories, awesome art, and spooky Pac-Man, make sure you click the link above and give it a thumbs up!

Michaela (@thebunnyofevil) and I have been pouring our heart and souls into this game and we really appreciate all of your guy’s support! See you guys on Steam!

Level Design – Remember Remember Maze Variant: Obfuscation

And We’re Back!

It’s a new year with new opportunities and new mazes! This time we’re going to be talking the second maze variant: Obfuscation. In this maze variant, obscuring knowledge and altering the map were the main goals. Today, I will be talking about the process of choosing the design for this variant.

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Level Design – Remember, Remember Maze Variant: Speed Part 2

If you haven’t read my previous article, I suggest you do that before reading this one.

Pillars of Speed

Hey guys, I’m back with more Remember, Remember level design insights. Today I wanted to talk about a few design pillars I set for myself when designing these maze boards. Each of these is aimed at creating an environment where the player can learn quickly and create an overall enjoyable experience for the player be it their first or fifth time playing the maze.

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Level Design – Remember, Remember Maze Variant: Speed

NOTE: All content here is still in development and may change dramatically throughout the development cycle. I present the content as it currently is, but it is by no means set in stone.

If you have not played Remember, Remember‘s demo yet, I highly recommend it before reading this post. You can check it out here: Demo

Why am I doing this?

First and foremost, I’m excited about new content and sharing it with the community. There’s just something magical about seeing a design come together and thinking “I did that.” But beyond that I want to share my thought process and talk about what I’ve learned from designing and programming three levels around a few very small changes to the original formula.

Most of all, I’m hoping to spark some conversation and see what others think. Did I miss something? Is there something you would do differently? I’m here both to present my findings and learn. Designing is useless if one can’t explain their reasoning and that’s just what I aim to do here.

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Remember, Remember Demo Update


Remember Remember

You can get the new demo HERE

Small Remember, Remember update. We’ve uploaded the new version (v2.5!) of the demo to our page.

Patch Notes:
New Features
– New options menu
– New low performance graphics mode (may help with bad performing computers)

Bug Fixes
– Fixed a bug that caused a crash on pausing during the tutorial maze
– Fixed a bug that caused skip mode to be stuck on if you skip INTO a maze

No new content (you’ll have to wait for the full game on that one), but this version should be more stable!

Also I want to give a huge shout out to the people who provided feedback via Tumblr and email! Without your super helpful error logs, I wouldn’t have been able to track down those bugs!

Thanks for your support, I’ll have a content update soon!