One family’s quest to kick in doors, fight monsters, and forge a badass weapon.


Solo project | Unity / C#

Design Document
 | Senior Project Paper | Alpha Demo

Heirloom is a rogue-like dungeon crawler with generational based mutations and mechanically driven story telling. The player takes on the role of the Hero, whose way of life is threatened by the encroachment of the blood-thirsty Goblin Empire. The Hero must traverse the Goblin Monarch’s dark dungeon and defeat the Goblin Monarch in battle! But this is no simple task for a single hero. If the Hero cannot vanquish the Goblin Monarch in one delve. They will pass down their faithful weapon to their heir, and who will pass it down again, and again, each time upgrading it with magical runes found in their dungeon dive, until the Goblin Monarch is stopped.

What I’m most proud of

  • Generational influenced character and environment alterations
  • Story telling through game mechanics rather than text (show, don’t tell)
  • Dynamically generated characters and content