Remember, Remember

Five friends go in. How many will come out?


Released 5/12/2017

Game Design, Programming| Ren’Py/Python

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Remember, Remember is a horror, thriller visual novel with game elements. The story follows Kris and his group of friends as they are kidnapped and pushed to their mental limit as they try to remember their past. Their lives lay in the hands of the player. Who will survive? Who will remember?

For Remember, Remember, I created a minigame I like to call “Spooky Pac-man”. Using Ren’Py’s event system and innate Python compatibility I was able to create a workable game loop, updating the actors, renderer, and logic every loop. Using Ren’py’s event signals I also able to inject VN-style dialogue while the player played through the minigame.

The design of the minigame came directly from the story. In Remember, Remember, the main protagonist is made to play a series of games to save his friends from impending doom. Each maze is a variation on the original design and represents the current dominating feeling of the scene. For more information on the design of individual mazes, please see my design blog posts.

What I’m most proud of