3 Bullet Design 16 – Deformer

Topic: Deformer
Title: Defenders of Goo
Medium: Simple MMO
Goal: Work together to fight back the giant monster!

  • Players play small slime balls that can stick together and contract to pull each other around
  • Areas come under attack by giant boss monsters, varing in size
  • Players have to stick together (literally) and coordinate their movements to create an entity that is large enough to fight the monster back to wherever it came from

Moment of excitement: You and 100 other strangers are squished together into a giant fighting blob swinging your “arm” around to bash the monster into submission.

Note: Massively multiplayer with strange interactions and coordination have always been hilarious to me. Whether it’s Twitch Plays, Transformice, or any of their kin, watching strangers on the internet try to work together is simultaneously enjoyable and frustrating and just the kind of game I want to see more of.

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