End of 3 Bullet Design and Panda-Bot


As you may have noticed, I’ve stopped posting 3 Bullet Designs. As I stated in my previous post analyzing how the project was going, I’ve come to realize that while fun, the 3 Bullet Designs project was more interesting as an idea generating process than an actual design test. Ultimately, what I would like to do is improve my design skills and 3BD takes up a significant amount of my time and is not pushing me towards that goal. To that end, I’ve stopped the project. I still achieved an entire month’s worth of game ideas which I think is a nice accomplishment on its own. I may end up publishing the left overs eventually as I get around to it.

What’s Next?

My next project that I’ve moved onto is a Discord chat bot dubbed, Panda-Bot. It’s a simple chat room bot that will allow users to roll dice and do simple arithmetic on the results. The target audience is users of Discord who regularly run table-top RPGs via Discord’s voice channels (such as myself). Below is a small screenshot of it in action:

You can follow my progress on GitHub!

Level Design – Remember, Remember Maze Variant: Speed

NOTE: All content here is still in development and may change dramatically throughout the development cycle. I present the content as it currently is, but it is by no means set in stone.

If you have not played Remember, Remember‘s demo yet, I highly recommend it before reading this post. You can check it out here: Demo

Why am I doing this?

First and foremost, I’m excited about new content and sharing it with the community. There’s just something magical about seeing a design come together and thinking “I did that.” But beyond that I want to share my thought process and talk about what I’ve learned from designing and programming three levels around a few very small changes to the original formula.

Most of all, I’m hoping to spark some conversation and see what others think. Did I miss something? Is there something you would do differently? I’m here both to present my findings and learn. Designing is useless if one can’t explain their reasoning and that’s just what I aim to do here.

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