3 Bullet Design 15 – Warm

Topic: Warm
Title: Eclipse
Medium: Visual novel, or other story heavy digital
Goal: Stay warm.

  • Sci-fi western atmosphere, searching a new planet for valuable materials
  • The sun is the only source of warmth on the planet and the miners must chase the sun to stay out of the freezing cold
  • Rumors of a day-long eclipse are starting to spread, and it’s bringing something much more dangerous than just the cold

Moment of excitement: As the last light of the sun slips away behind the moon, the ground rumbles…

Notes: There are lots of survival games about staying warm, but many of them are built more around emergent gameplay than pre-arranged narrative. I thought it would be interesting to tell a story about people who chase the sun, seeking warmth and light to keep whatever lurks in the dark at bay. It’s an interesting situation to think about how a society would form around that basis. What would towns look like? Why don’t they leave? What are they looking for? What is in the darkness?

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