3 Bullet Design 14 – Association

Topic: Association
Title: Lateral
Medium: Cards
Goal: Guess the association between concepts and understand your partner.

  • Player A draws two image cards from the deck and six extra cards
  • After studying the two cards for a 30 seconds, Player A then shuffles all cards together and lays them out for Player B
  • Player A now has 60 seconds to describe both images using only descriptions that describe both cards

Moment of excitement: You have five seconds left and you realized that both cards are predominantly blue. Hope your partner can see that too!

Notes: As I did this exercise I realized just how many word/image association games there are out there. I considered a lot of different interpretations, from non-profit groups to object oriented association, but in the end decided to go with an association card game. I really wanted something that helped players to understand how their peers thought and associated items since everyone has a different way of categorizing information. Obviously every image in the deck would have to have some amount of similarity otherwise the game would be impossible or too easy. The title could probably be better.

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