New World

Supernatural evil on a magically infused island. Loot, crafting, and quests abound!


Released 9/28/2021

Game Design, QA| Lumberyard

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Examples of Boss Encounter Design

New World is a historical fantasy, action combat MMO in which players take on the role of adventurers on a magical and mysterious island. Players level up their characters, weapons, and professions as they progress through the game.

For New World, I designed many of the open world enemy AI, and at least 1 boss in each launch dungeon. My boss encounter designs were largely influential in New World’s overall boss design, laying the ground work for more complex and demanding group content. I was also the content designer for the game’s post launch mutator system, defining all of the best practices and design patterns for that system moving forward.

What I’m most proud of

  • First AAA game release, and first release as a full-time designer
  • Each and every boss encounter I put into the game
  • Revolutionizing what could be done via the game’s elite/mutation system by incorporating innovative use of spells and status effects