Hi! I’m Ethan Nakashima!maifaec

I’m a graduate of Cal Poly SLO, with a BS¬†in Computer Science¬†with a focus on Interactive Entertainment Development. Which is just a very fancy way to say, I make games! Additionally, I do freelance online voice acting.

Email: contact (at) ethannakashima.com

What kinds of games have you made?

Top-down dungeon crawlers, text adventures, D&D campaigns, a card game where you are a lich trying to blow up other liches, and much more! If any of the words I’ve just said interest you, you should definitely check out my “Games Portfolio” link in the menu bar on the left!

Did you say voice acting?

Yes! I’m a nerd on the internet with a microphone who occasionally plays pretend for money. If the idea of listening to me pretend to be a sexy demon guy, an ice-based super hero with a hot head, or a ninja kid in a zombie apocalypse excites you, check out my “Voice Over” link the side bar!

Why red pandas?

Need I say more?