3 Bullet Design 13 – Bare

Subject: Bare
Title: Winds of Discovery
Medium: Physical (Tiles)
Goal: Discover the lost treasures.

  • The game board is made up of several piles of sand tiles and hidden treasure tiles
  • Players take turns drawing cards and playing wind cards
  • Each wind card moves a certain number of tiles off a stack and redistributes them among other stacks

Moment of Excitement: The card you drew is the exact movement your team needed to blow the sand away and uncover the artifact hidden inside.

Notes: Bare was a hard topic for me to cover. The immediate first thought is naked or revealing, but that’s not exactly a subject I want to make a game about. Winds has a nice calming atmosphere to it, recalling feelings of a hot day with warm winds. The 3D puzzle aspect is interesting and can be fun for groups to work out together using the resources (cards) they are given.

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