3 Bullet Design 12 – Rare

Topic: Rare
Title: Heist
Medium: VR with hand motion controllers
Goal: Steal the world’s most valuable treasures.

  • The player stands in front of a valuable object in a meuseum
  • Different puzzles surround each object, such as trip lasers, keycodes, glass boxes, weight alarms
  • The player is equipped with different hand operated tools to help them steal the treasures

Moment of Excitement: After spraying the key pad for finger prints and unlocking the case, you very carefully lift the glass case up off the king’s ancient crown.

Notes: Often times the issue with VR is movement. It’s hard to set up a system by which a player can move and not feel sick without having full room capture (such as the Vive). In this game all that’s required is the ability to move your hands. I imagine the puzzles would have a lot of interesting hand maneuverability and hand-operated tools.

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