3 Bullet Design 10 – Episode

Topic: Episode
Title: Just One More
Medium: Digital
Goal: Watch as many episodes of your current binge as possible before real life catches up.

  • The player plays a person binging TV shows on “Webflix”
  • Throughout the night, the player must get up to take care of real life responsibilities, such as doing homework, babysitting kids, or using the bathroom
  • These tasks can be simulated by simple clicking tasks or quick minigames

Moment of Excitement: You finish the last episode of the series right as the sun comes up at 6 am.

Notes: I had a very, very difficult time with this topic. I don’t usually consume episodic TV content and something like a Tell Tale Games episodic game was a bit too obvious. I considered things such as binging, exploring mental episodes, or how the sequence of actions affected a story, but didn’t feel like I could do either topic justice. I eventually fell into what I thought would be a fun improv game. I was not entirely happy with it, but it was the best I could do with what I had. When I expressed my disappointment with my “episode” game to my girlfriend, she offered to come up with some ideas as well. After a bit of brainstorming she landed on this game, inspired by the Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Puppet music box. Small tasks that must be taken care of every few minutes while you try to keep watching your favorite show and ignore reality.

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