3 Bullet Design 11 – Hesitation

Topic: Hesitation
Title: Check Please!
Medium: Digital
Goal: Swipe the check before anyone else can.

  • The table is silent and peaceful until the check is placed, and all the player’s scramble to pick it up
  • If two players grab at the same time, they must wrestle it away from each other by mashing buttons
  • Fakeouts can happen when the waiter come to drop off dessert or fortune cookies or water

Moment of Excitement: You stare intensely at table, strewn with plates of eaten food when the waitress’s shadow appears on the table…

Notes: I know this is usually the opposite of most people’s dining experience, but I felt that I wanted to share a bit of my family’s culture and humor with the world. My family always go through this little game of swipe the check after eating out with the relatives. I actually joked about a game like this with my family after this exact scenario played out. Heavily inspired by Kirby’s Quickdraw and other party games. This might go without saying, but this is more of a DON’T hesitate game than anything.

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