3 Bullet Design 9 – Balance

Topic: Balance
Title: Of Life and Death
Medium: Open-ended RPG
Goal: Find another soul to replace yours.

  • Death has taken you, but it’s not your time
  • Use a “social combat system” to break through people’s barriers and speak honestly with them
  • Find the person who took your life, a person willing to exchange theirs for yours, or live the rest of eternity in the afterlife

Moment of Excitement: An emotionally charged scene wherein you confront the person who was supposed to die instead. Was it malicious? Was it an accident?

Notes: In this game, the random word was more of a story inspiration than a mechanical one. The “social combat system” isn’t meant to be purely for conflicting or combative social situations. It’s a “combat” system where instead of health, the target may have distrust, insecurity, or emotional blockage you have to fight through to speak truly and clearly with each other.

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