3 Bullet Design 8 – Dinosaur

Subject: Dinosaur
Title: Grog the Dentist
Medium: Digital
Goal: Clean dinosaur teeth.

  • Grog is a prehistoric cave dentist
  • Use random rocks, plants, and pieces of wood you find in the area to build a platform to reach dinosaurs’┬ámouth
  • Clean the teeth before the dinosaurs become irritable and destroy your equipment

Highlight Moment:
Creating a ridiculous, rickety, platform to work on and being knocked over at the last second in a hilarious rag doll manner.

I was honestly just drawn to the pure absurdity of it all. A simple physics-based game where you must both construct a platform tall enough to reach the dinosaur’s mouth and then clean them before the time runs out and the dinosaur destroys your equipment. I imagine a very child-friendly cartoon style, akin to Scribblenauts.

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