3 Bullet Design 7 – Business


Topic: Business
Title: Super Mega Evil Corporation (SMEC)
Medium: Physical
Goal: Build a monopoly.

  • Each player plays a major corporation in a cyber-punk future trying to buy each other out
  • Use hackers, thugs, and weapons to attack and set back your opponents’s funds
  • As companies are bought out their assets become part of the monopoly and the players join together (with a chance for mutany!)

Moment of Excitement: You were bought out first in this game, but your CEO is a merciful (or foolish) one and keeps your sub-corporation well funded. Your CEO orders you to use your resources to attack the last remaining free corp, but you could just as easily turn your tools on her for coup.

Notes: Corporations and cyberpunk futures weren’t always a fascination of mine, but watching RollPlay’s Mirrorshades┬áreally inspired me. I love free for all games, but hate early player elimination, so in this system if you “lose” (get bought out) you get to still play, working for your new CEO overlord. If you find yourself in a prosperous position, you may even be able to turn the whole situation around on your buyer! The game ends when one company has bought every other company, but getting there is a dark story of sabotage and intrigue.

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