3 Bullet Design 6 – Bliss

Topic: Bliss
Title: Wander
Medium: Digital
Goal: Travel through a beautiful land.

  • The player moves through a painterly stylized 3D space, with small platforming gameplay
  • Player should be enticed to wander around rather than beelining for the end, they are meant to find their own way there
  • A couple small puzzles or platforming challenges are hidden in each area

Moment of Excitement: When you step around the lip of a cave and discover a curious circle of stones.

Notes: Meditative games and calming (blissful, even) games have always been somewhat of a mystery to me. It’s hard to say what causes the human mind to fall into a meditative state while playing a game. Wander was heavily influenced by my experience playing Breath of the Wild and a previous project of mine, Deer.

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