3 Bullet Design 5 – Belly

Topic: Belly
Title: Belly of the Beast
Medium: Digital
Goal: Appease the dragon before she eats YOU!

  • Multiplayer game where players play goblins who must feed a giant, hungry dragon
  • Players all try to bring food to the dragon, but can attack each other to steal food and gain favor with the dragon
  • Food is a limited resource, everyone starts with a certain amount and whoever brings the most doesn’t get eaten as well

Moment of Excitement: You’re racing back to the dragon carrying a large stack of meat. Your two closest opponents jump by and knock┬ásome off the top!┬áDo you stop to recover what you’ve lost?

Notes: Inspired by the MTG card Dragonlord’s Servant, this couch PvP game plays with the trope of hapless goblins trying to satisfy an insatiable master’s hunger. It’s a hectic, physics-based scramble to accomplish your goal while trying to screw others over. Friends be warned!

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