3 Bullet Design 4 – Hit

Topic: Hit
Title: Hit the Deck
Medium: Digital
Goal: Sink the opponent’s battleship.

  • Each player has a battleship they are trying to defend
  • Battleships can attack each other via angled attacks and sky bombers, all aimed and timed by the player. These attacks have to hit a specific target on the enemy boat to deal damage.
  • Players can defend their boat by moving a shield around to block enemy attacks in real time

Moment of Excitement: You’re frantically looking back and fourth between your screen and the opponents, blocking ┬átheir aerial bombardment while launching a perfectly angled shot of your own.

Notes: I envision this game played as couch PvP with a split screen of both player’s battleships. Players have to both pay attention to protecting their side of the screen while watching the opponent’s side to aim their attacks correctly. The theme could be modern battleships, or pirates, or crazy airship goblins. The end result? Chaos and explosions!

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