3 Bullet Design 3 – Messiah

Topic: Messiah
Title: Final Dinner
Medium: Cards
Goal: Enact your goal, find the betrayer, or stop the messiah from achieving their goal.

  • Each player is assigned a random character card, one is the messiah, the rest are followers, but one is secretly a betrayer
  • For the messiah and followers to win, the messiah must complete every item on their secret agenda, the betrayer wins when that becomes an impossiblity
  • Followers can interact with each other to stop each other from taking actions

Moment of Excitement: You remove the last bread card from the table, creating an impossible win state for the messiah, and revealing to everyone that you are not the most loyal follower, but instead the betrayer!

Notes: I’m very big into betrayal and secret identity card games (no matter how bad I am at them). Games like Mafia and One Night Ultimate Werewolf were a big inspiration. In this game, no one knows the true intentions of the Messiah, and if they do reveal their intentions it’s not hard for the betrayer to quickly take over the game. This gap of information creates an environment where anyone could be making wrong moves either because they are misinterpreting¬†the Messiah’s intentions or are truly the betrayer. We may never know.

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