3 Bullet Design 2 – Show

Title: Must Go ON!
Topic: Show
Medium: Digital
Goal: Perform every role in a play.

  • You are the director of a play, and today is opening day
  • The actors are so exhausted from rehearsing for 3 days straight that they have fallen into a deep sleep on opening night
  • As the director you have to move your (ragdoll) actors around the stage and read their dialogue for them

Moment of Excitement: You’re furiously clicking around trying to get three ragdolling actors to at least stand up straight during an action sequence in the play.

Notes: Originally I was just going to do an “Actor Simulator 2017” where you had to move a character from place to place on a stage and click the right dialogue, but that felt really flat. This version was inspired by an improv game called Moving Bodies.

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