3 Bullet Design 1 – GDC

Design 1 – GDC

Title: Business Card Game
Topic: GDC
Medium: Physical
Goal: Get a job.

  • Finding the right connections to get a job is a game of chance
  • Create advantages by placing yourself in the correct position (physically and metaphorically) on the board
  • Cards are designed to parody business cards

Moment of Excitement: You flip the top card of the deck, revealing the business card of Blozzard Entertainment, which perfectly matches up with your square and you get a job! (Win the game)

Notes: This was my first 3 bullet design, but the topic was not created via random word generator. I created the concept for this game after spontaneously flying out to GDC by myself and trying to find a job.  I realized that finding opportunities for jobs is a lot like a card game, you’re never guaranteed something, but you can always try to put yourself in a good position to find a good solution. Ultimately I didn’t find a job at GDC, but it did leave me this gem of an idea.

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