Introducing: 3 Bullet Designs


With my work on Remember, Remember mostly¬†complete I find myself in a state between jobs. I’m going to start posting design sketches once a (business) day to keep the creative juices flowing and search for new projects to work towards.

What are 3 Bullet Designs?

3 Bullet Designs are small game designs based on a randomly generated word. They are also a way for me to keep up my design chops while I search for a new job. I chose 3 bullet points for several reasons. The first being that as a daily exercise I didn’t want it to be so large and daunting that I would abandon it. Creating just 3 bullet points is simple enough that I can complete a design¬†on a regular basis. Second, I have a tendency to ramble on about topics I’m excited about. 3 bullets let me get my idea together without writing a massive dissertation on my idea. Finally, it leaves the design open for me, or others, to revisit. I don’t want these to be complete designs. Think of them more as sketches or concept art for games, they are meant to be jumping points and not games in and of themselves.


Title: The title of the game.
Topic: A randomly generated word.
Medium: The general way the players will interact with the game, ranges from specific (ie, FPS, cards, etc.) to general (ie, Digial, Physical) depending on how important I believe the medium to be.
Goal: The over arching idea of the game.
3 bullet points: The core idea.
Moment of excitement: A fictional “most memorable moment” playing this game. What makes this game fun to play?
Notes: Any notes I would like to talk about outside of the actual game design.

Let’s Get Started

Excited? So am I! Click below for the first design.

GDC – Business Card Game

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