The story of Sam, a boy on a journey to understand space, time, and orbital space politics.

Released September 28, 2015

Programmer / Co-Producer | Ren’Py / Python

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Sam Acacius has received a horrifying message: the section of the Orion Torus where he lives, his only home, will be destroyed. This information has been entrusted to him alone. With the identity of the messenger itself obscured, Sam must decide whether the risks of investigation are worth it. What could a single person do to stop the inevitable?

To learn the answers behind this message, Sam must confront forces at the very core of society. Whether he succeeds or fails depends on critical choices he’ll have to make along the way.

What I’m most proud of

  • Worked with and managed a large international team.
  • Orion is a Kickstarted project.
  • High-quality product on an underdeveloped market (western visual novel market).